Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Exchange Hub?

The Exchange Hub is a place where the various groups under the CIVITAS umbrella can plan and carry out their work in private areas called Spaces. It is not intended for public communication and dissemination, which is the role of the CIVITAS website.

What is a Space?

Spaces host content in a number of different content Sections listed below:

  • Calendar – "Event" can be imported by a Space Administrator from any iCal feed.
  • Discussion forum – "Discussion Posts" include text, images, and files. Other users can post replies.
  • Discussion forum for newsletters – It is exactly as a "Discussion forum" but "Topics" can only be created by Space Administrators.
  • File repository – "Files" or "Folders" can be created, but they are impossible to move, so mind what you are doing.
  • Task list – "Tasks" can be created which are assigned to users and given a level of priority. Users can discuss tasks and track progress.
  • Live Chat – Any user of the Space can talk freely on a chatroom. Nothing else than text is supported.

What is a Team?

Teams are under the scope of a Space. They are groups of users working in the same organisation or on the same topic. They are only used for notification purposes. To create a team, click on the link "More about the members" in your Home Space.


How to have access to a Space?

Anyone can create an account to the Exchange HUB. At the account creation, a user doesn't have any membership to any Spaces, therefore, he can only see the Space's list and the text description of all Spaces.

How to become a member of a Space?

To become a member of a Space, go to the Home Page and on the right you will see two blocks, one with all the Spaces you are a member of, and one with all the Spaces hosted on the HUB. To be part of a Space, go to the list of all Spaces, and under the name of the Space, click on "Request group membership". A mail will be then sent to all the Space Administrators, and they will decide whether to approve or deny your request.

What am I able to do?

Once you are a member of a Space, you can only create, edit and delete your own content. Space Administrators can also edit, delete or archive any content. Space Administrators can also accept or refuse new members.

Who are the other members in my Spaces?

The member list is often display on your Space, if not contact one of your Space Administrators.


How do I create content?

Once you are in the Space where the content should be hosted, click on in the bottom right of your screen. Select the kind of content you want to create.

How do I edit content?

When you view a piece of content that you are able to edit, you will see the button in the bottom right of your screen.

What are notifications?

Notifications are basically mails. They can be sent each time a content is being created or edited. Indeed in the creating/editing page of a content type, stands a notification box in the top right of the screen. There could members of the Space or Teams can be added to be notified as you can see on the screenshot:


Notifications can also be sent if a user is following a Section. You can manage your notifications on your badge right of the topbar "Settings"

How can I follow the content of a Section?

To follow a content of a Section click on in the bottom right of your screen. You can manage your subscriptions on your badge right of the topbar "Following"

Not Enough?

For more detailed help please

  1. Contact your Space Administrator: There is a link on your "Space Home" page called "More information about the members" Go to the "Administrator" tab Cross check on the mailing list provided on the home page your Space
  2. Contact the main administrator at


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